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Are you Oestrogen toxic

In today's age we are surrounded by 0estrogens. We assume the only oestrogens that we need to be concerned with are those that we produce in our bodies but this is far from the case. We are also exposed to animal oestrogens (in our food), Synthetic oestrogens (meds & drugs), Phytoestrogens (from plants) and xenoestrogen (things that aren't oestrogens but act as oestrogens).

Oestrogen itself is not a single compound. There are in fact three different oestrogens. These are estradiol, esterone and estriol. Below is an image from a test report run in my clinic. You can see the three different oestrogens that we have in our bodies and that each three must be in a particular range for optimal health to prevail.

We become dominant in oestrogen when the sum of these oestrogens become much greater than the amount of progesterone which should be present in sufficient levels to balance it out. Excess oestrogen will increase your risk of:

  • Accelerate aging

  • Abdominal hip and thigh fat

  • Allergies

  • An autoimmune disease

  • Cancer of the breast & uterus,

  • Thyroid dysfunction

  • Low libido

  • Muscular and joint pains

  • Depressed and low moods

  • Early Menarche

  • Low energy

  • Breast Fibroids

  • Brain fog

  • Low blood sugars

  • Loss of hair

  • Menstrual issues

  • Mood swings

  • Poor memory


  • Bone loss (pre menopause)

  • Slow metabolic rate

  • Retention of water and increase in bloating.

In men we may see a decrease in the number of sperm they produce and increase infertility in cases of excess oestrogens.

For women there are an epidemic of diseases all which can be traced back to elevated oestrogen and low levels of progesterone.

Causes of oestrogen excess

1. A high toxic load on the liver: This is the organ that is responsible for getting rid of unwanted oestrogens along with all of the other toxins that we are exposed to in our environment.

Anything that inhibits optimal function of the liver is going to compromise the livers ability to deal with our own unwanted oestrogens, oestrogen metabolites and those from toxins, meds and diet.

If a woman has a high alcohol consumption, uses drugs (medical and or recreational), has a poor diet and has exposure to environmental toxins then the liver will struggle to filter the blood effectively to keep the oestrogen load down.

2. Environment; Women on this planet have an incredible problem in that there are so many compounds everywhere that all increase the oestrogenic load. DDT which is banned is still ubiquitous in our environment, pesticides, plastics, chlorine and hormone residues in meat and dairy all drastically alter the estrogen load on women. The pill is another train wreck. There are so many oestrogen sensitive cancers around today and yet we pump women with the pill for years and never stop to think that the contraceptive pill could be a contributing factor.

Supplementing oestrogen in a woman who does not have high enough progesterone to balance it could have considerable health consequences. In the presence of low progesterone the excess oestrogen is toxic to the body. It is irresponsible and dangerous to be blindly prescribing oestrogen to pre or post menopausal women.

A crude methodology to avoid this becoming and issue for you is to

1. Eat organic

2. Avoid plastics

3. Avoid chemicals in any form (household and cleaning agents)

4. Use only natural soaps

5. Avoid fluoride toothpaste.

6. Use a water filter. At home we use a water distiller but a Berkey or a reverse osmosis unit would also be sufficient. If you drink municipal water that is recycled it can harbour hormones which have been detected in water supplies. A recent Guradian article wrote ''Britain is facing a £30bn bill to purify water system after toxic impact of contraceptive pill''

7. Avoid hormone drugs where possible.

8. Eat only pasture fed organic meat.

As always if you think Hormones is an issues then please get in touch and get a full hormone test completed and you can make more personalised decisions on how to balance your hormones. For a full hormone test please visit the following link.


As always I wish you great health and if you ever wish to discuss anything to do with your health don't hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Foley Nutritional Therapist Dip Nut CNM, mBANT, mCNH

Phone; 0759 793 6899 Email;



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