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The companies and products that we use ourselves

and with our clients.

With a massive range of products that all come via Practitioner recommendation, The Natural Dispensary is the go-to for most of our recommended supplements.

Every client we work with avails of our clinic's supplements discount. 


Environmental detox is a massive part of any programme and we strongly recommend the Berkey water filter to all our clients that are committed to investing in their health.


There are many heavy metals detox products out there but HMD has three years of research to back its effects. It is safer than many options and is our preferred therapy of choice for heavy metals detoxification.

Kate's Kombucha.jpg

Kate's Kombucha

Following her own healing journey from Lyme and food intolerances, Kate has a very personal passion for the massive health benefits found by frequent consumption of all things fermented.

We love visiting Kate for her fascinating courses or simply to stock up on healing food and drink.

Robusta Health.jpeg

Robusta Health Organic, 100% Natural Detox Enema Coffee:

This is the brand that we recommend for our detoxing protocols.


For Thyroid support we have been having good success with Metavive as a natural and good quality porcine thyroid gland supplement.

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