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Top 10 Functional Medicine Tests We Run Clinic

Experience Revolutionary Functional Medicine Testing with Vibrant Labs

Embark on a proactive journey towards optimal health with functional medicine testing, where we unveil subtle shifts in your body's functionality long before conventional chemical or imaging tests can detect them.

Unlock the Power of Alternatives:

  1. Gut Zoomer 3.0 Complete Alternatives: Delve into gastrointestinal health with precision:

  • GI-MAP + Zonulin test

  • GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile

  1. Wheat Zoomer Alternative: Dive deeper into gluten reactivity and autoimmune responses:

  • Array 3X (Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity Profile)

  • Celiac Profile

  1. Food Sensitivity Profile Alternatives: Explore comprehensive food sensitivity testing:

  • LRA Food Block 96

  • Basic Food Sensitivity Panel - 96 Foods

  1. Expanded Food Sensitivity Alternatives: Discover expanded panels for thorough evaluation:

  • foodANALYZER IgG Food Sensitivity

  • 184 IgA Food Sensitivity Panel

  1. Complete Food Sensitivity Profile Alternatives: Uncover detailed evaluations catering to diverse needs:

  • LRA Food Block 238

  • foodANALYZER IgG Food Sensitivity

  1. Food Allergens + Sensitivities Alternatives: Ensure accurate assessment for improved outcomes:

  • foodANALYZER and allergE+

  • P88 Dietary Antigen Test

  1. 4 Food Zoomer Combo Alternatives: Explore comprehensive assessments for a well-rounded evaluation.

  2. Total Tox-Burden Alternatives: Dive deep into exposure to environmental contaminants with our in-depth testing options.

  3. Mycotoxins Alternatives: Gain comprehensive insights into mycotoxin exposure for effective prevention and treatment strategies.

  4. Environmental Toxin Alternatives: Accurately assess the body's response to environmental toxins with our diverse testing options.

At Paul Foley functional medicine, we prioritize comprehensive testing options to support practitioners in delivering personalized care to patients. Explore our alternatives for a holistic approach to wellness testing.


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