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I am so thankful that I found Paul , I felt I was getting no where with my Endocrinologist and GP, and there was a suggestion of surgery being the way forward.
I felt desperate before I met Paul, my symptoms were being treated, not the cause of my problems.
Paul is very knowledgeable and patient and takes the time to look at the whole of your health history to find out where things are going wrong, and fix them.
Paul was truly inspiring, and by following his advice, diet changes and supplements, within the first few weeks I was feeling better. After two months I felt better than I had in years. He even managed to fix health issues that I had lived with for so long I had thought they were just normal.
He has guided me and helped me to heal the whole person, not just one symptom. I cannot praise or recommend him highly enough. His warm and caring manner, his knowledge and expertise, his joyful enthusiasm and his dramatic results are just amazing.
In the UK we have an expectation that health care should be free, but you get what you pay for, and my sessions with Paul are the best investment that I have ever made, it has been an investment in my future good health.


Julie Edwards






Paul has really changed my life for the better. Following health and age concerns, he has helped me to identify a need to change my eating habits, and initiated a drive and desire to achieve this as a life habit rather than a diet. His in depth knowledge and individual research and plan, means I know what is going to be right for me.

Paul's interest and enthusiasm is infectious and highly motivating. I feel really well, enjoy my new food regime, and for the first time in many years have overcome my mental struggle with food & yo yo dieting. This was not my objective but has been an added bonus.

I am highly recommending him to everyone.

Gail S.






Met with Paul earlier this year, I was injured in Afghanistan so my mobility is limited. Just off Paul’s diet alone i have lost now over 3 stone just by diet alone. It’s not all about the weight loss however, the mental and physical vitality I have experienced is exceptional. Paul’s plans are highly effective, easy to follow and no nonsense. I’ve had the one plan, pinned it on the fridge and stuck to it. This isn’t like your fussy diet plans that are out there. Paul’s nutritional advice and experience is second to non and is followed with serious results. If it diet and nutrition advice, plans and anything nutrition based Paul is the professional to be sought out.








I was looking for someone in the Hereford area to advise both my daughter and her new baby on various health issues as we both try to go the natural route whenever possible. I found great reviews on Paul and immediately booked an appointment for her. My daughter found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and very patient. While she was with him she mentioned I hadn't been well and he e-mailed me that evening advising me of what to take! A genuinely nice man with lots of time for his patients, a real find!


Karen C






After years of suffering, I went to see Paul, within the first session he identified that I am intolerant to gluten. He provided a balanced diet. And lots of advice. Within days of that first session, I felt so much better. Paul continued …More


Paul's knowledge is exemplary. I cannot thank him enough for helping me regain my energy and zest for life!
Paul was able to help me achieve my health goals and provided personalised, no nonsense, fad free nutrition advice!
I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. Working with Paul is definitely money well spent!


Gemma D






Paul has been an incredible support to me over the last year. He has helped with my mental health and encouraged me to live a healthier, better lifestyle, which has improved my life immensely. He is smart and affable, and I would highly recommend his services.


Alice S





I could not recommend Paul highly enough.

We identified heavy metals in my body due to years of working in a toxic paint environment. Since Paul has had me on a detox protocol to eradicate the metals. So far my depression has eased and I feel considerably better. I anticipate the further results following the detox.
I visited Paul at the Hereford Osteopathic Centre which was also a great experience.


Hazel S-C






I contacted Paul, 6 months ago after going through treatment for breast cancer which left me feeling exhausted. I sought Paul's advise on how to regain and maintain my health and what I needed to do to give myself the best chance of avoiding the cancer returning.
Not only did Paul advise me on the food I should and should not be eating, he also advised me on supplements that would be beneficial. Also advising on important exercises and breathing techniques. He also advised on the benefits of getting the right water filter to eliminate all the nasties that work their way into our tap water. I purchased the water filter and I am absolutely thrilled. I am now so confident to drink the filtered tap water, knowing that I am not ingesting any nasties. The water tastes amazing.
6 months down the line after adapting to Paul's recommendations, I have not only gained so much energy, but also have better skin, and my hair is growing back, soft and shiny. What a bonus.
Thank you Paul, your advise was invaluable.


Alison M






Having heard of Paul Foley I went along to see him with regard to health issues I had been suffering for years. We identified that maybe gluten was the issue, having changed my diet the results were incredible. I can not thank Paul enough, this has made an immense difference to my life. I would recommend Paul without hesitation he's an incredibly knowledgeable person in his field as well as being extremely approachable.


Micaela H







At 56 I thought I had a great diet but Paul helped me to lose the half stone I couldn’t seem to shift.
My detox and diet plan and light exercise routine have given me more energy than I had in my 20’s.
I feel amazing, confident and happy.


Helen Marlow





I came to see Paul for autoimmune support. I chose him as I’d heard of his success with some of my own clients.
He immediately identified my weaknesses in my diet and I trusted his knowledge.
I found him thorough with his exploratory support which included full blood tests and a comprehensive detailed report.
This was the basis of my added supplemental support.
Since first seeing him in February this year I have had no more autoimmune flare ups & I’m at my ideal weight. Through his investigations I’ve also realised my hormones & cholesterol needed support. We are addressing this now.
I have no hesitations in recommending Paul Foley for thorough holistic healthcare.


Karen Doyle

Great results for our little girl!

My wife and I booked into see Paul after our little girl Amelia was constantly ill with ear infections and poor gut health.
Amelia was constantly taking antibiotics for ear infections around every two weeks, really suffering in pain with her tummy.
We had some intolerance tests which came back with a huge list of things which were causing our little girl pain. We were giving her food and causing her pain without even knowing it. She came back dairy, gluten, barley, wheat intolerant along with other things. The antibiotics were hurting here too from constant over use. We stopped the dairy and Amelia hasn't had an ear infection since, that's two years. She had some Vitamin C for her gut also. Along with dietary changrs. She really hasnt been ill at all in the last two years.
Treating yourself and your family to better health, is such an eye opener for any parent.
Paul equipped us with the correct tools to successfully make Amelia healthier and in no more pain. Paul is one hell of a knowledgeable man who I believe could help get to the route cause of most issues with everything he knows. Rather than keep treating symptoms. Yes the consultations are paid far it's the best money spent getting to the real knitty-gritty of someone's health.
I highly recommend Paul to anyone.

Darren P

"Went to see Paul in may after suffering with my stomach and migraines for years. I was bloated spotty and all my body ached. I had tried everything. I sat with Paul and we went through everything. He was so spot on with everting. I was eating the wrong food and full of toxins. I had a diet to follow, which was hard at first, but I feel so much better, and look and feel totally different."

Sarah W

"I met with Paul last week for my last appointment. After three appointments he had made such a difference to my life, after being in pain for fourteen years. Wish I met him years ago."



"Paul is a fantastic Naturopathic Nutritionist.  I visited Paul as I was experiencing fatigue & Eczema, although I lived an extremely healthy lifestyle.  Paul helped me with my blood sugar level balancing, which meant that I was able to go longer through the day without getting hungry and exhausted.  He also conducted some food intolerance tests, which identified that I had a high dairy and wheat intolerance.  I excluded these from my diet and found that my Skin greatly improved. Plus I lost 6lbs, which was definitely a bonus!  Thank you Paul for your expert guidance, enthusiasm and support."

Varsha S . London


"Paul is everything that the healthcare system lacks. This guy is bursting with knowledge and curiosity, he has the tenacity to search for the root cause and the patience to translate it all to the client in front of him who feels no hope. He is warm enough so you can admit eating a family packet of snickers bars without fear of retribution, compassionate enough for you to describe the darkest moments of your bowel movements without too much embarrassment and optimistic enough for you to lean on him in your most worrisome moments. Paul is who I recommend to anyone if I want them to get well."




"Paul is everything that the healthcare system lacks. This guy is bursting with knowledge and curiosity, he has the tenacity to search for the root cause and the patience to translate it all to the client in front of him who feels no hope. He is warm enough so you can admit eating a family packet of snickers bars without fear of retribution, compassionate enough for you to describe the darkest moments of your bowel movements without too much embarrassment and optimistic enough for you to lean on him in your most worrisome moments. Paul is who I recommend to anyone if I want them to get well."



"After 12 months of in and out of hospital with my baby of 12 months, with a number of breathing and intolerance issues. Paul was able to give us some invaluable support and help to help us get on the road to recovery. His commitment to each patient is overwhelming and the difference in our little boy thanks to his advice and recommendations is more than we could ever image. We were told that he could be this poorly up until the age of 5yrs. Within 8 weeks I have a health little boy who has changed in health beyond words. We visited a number of natural health treatments during the 12months, spending over £1,000.00. I can honestly say spending money with Paul was the best money I have ever spent. Thank you Paul."



"My GP wasn't able to find the cause of my lethargy, weight gain and brain fog so I searched online for a naturopath and found Paul. Within a period of 8 weeks and following a diet & taking supplements prescribed by Paul, I had lost my puffiness and my brain fog, and had regained my 'sense of self'. It was remarkable! Paul is positive, enthusiastic and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending his services".


''I initially approached Paul with high thyroid function and elevated cholesterol. Within two months my thyroid levels were in normal range and my meds were halved and due to be reduced further at the next check up. My cholesterol has also come down to 4.6 which is the lowest it it has been since the initially diagnosed it. I have other health issues that I am now working with Paul on but I cannot speak highly enough of the work that he has done to date."


Hi Paul, please see the picture of Dāru attached - his eczema has nearly cleared up! Thank you so much for your advice, clearly, his gut was struggling and the cleaner diet and probiotics are allowing it to heal and function properly. We're over the moon and cannot thank you enough!!

Natalie Hereford

I first made contact with Paul in October 2017, on behalf of my mother , after she was diagnosed with having experienced a series of TIA’s in June 2016 and undergoing surgery for lung cancer in February 2017.
My mother having never suffered with weight issues , had never embraced a healthy way of eating and her diet was high fat and sugar, and she did not aim to eat three fresh fruit or veg a day no matter five
Despite the medical intervention and prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to ward off any more TIA’s and having a successful operation to remove the lung tumour my mother was struggling to regain her post op weight , her mental health was in decline and she was experiencing repeated UTI’s 
Following a very thorough first consultation with Paul, my mother agreed to having blood and stool tests .
When the blood results came back my mothers Vitamin D , Folate and B12 levels were very low and she was pre diabetic.
Paul advised that my mother take various supplements to raise these levels and suggested that she made changes to her diet .
Paul took on board my mothers likes and dislikes and didn’t set her any changes that she could not undertake.
A couple of weeks after my mothers new eating regime and supplements commenced, in mid November 2017 she attended her local Memory clinic and undertook the memory test as her mental performance was clearly in decline .
The follow up consultation to discuss the results was not until the end of January 2018, some three months after taking supplements and a new eating regime . The psychiatrist despite giving my mother a diagnosis a vascular dementia , actually stated that the memory test results and the woman in front of her were in contradiction of each other , as my mother presented much more mentally alert than the test implied
I am in no doubt that this was due to the changes in my mothers diet and the supplements that had raised her vitamin levels and her brain was being fed with quality fish oil
The stool test found that my mother had two of the most aggressive gut bacteria that was leaving her susceptible to infections and were preventing her body absorb the essential nutrients and hindered her gaining weight. So in February 2018 with her vitamin levels Increased , Paul suggested certain products for my mother to take to deal with the aggressive gut bacteria
After a period of time the UTI’s became less frequent and have to date ceased.
Inline with this my mother gained 12 lb and is only two pound off her post-operation 7stone weight 
There have been other improvements, for instance her eye sight has improved , so much the optician tested her eyes twice as there was such a marked improvement
Last week my Mother had a follow up with the memory clinic nurse who had tested her some eleven months before , the nurse was amazed by my mothers improvements , she was surprised by her improved mental agility and her weight gain and overall wellness .
My mother and I are confident that her improvements in her overall physical and mental health are down to all the changes and supplements that Paul suggested my mother undertake.
My mother and I understand that these changes are for life , she has entered into a lifelong commitment with Pauls help and guidance to keep her fit and alert.
We are both forever grateful to Paul


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