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Heavy Metals Detox Protocol

What do you do when you get a heavy metals test result back that looks like this. A huge lead load. The prevailing symptom I see in lead toxic patients is a very unbalanced nervous system characterised with anxiety and depression.

For every client who I see who suure with mental health issues I order a number of tests and a heavy metlas test is almost always on the list.

The above test is a DMSA loading test available through regenerus laboratories...LINK.

Where Finances are tight a hair mineral anaysis (by no means definitive) could be used to give you an idea of heavy metal load.

I have laboured for years on developing a suitable heavy metals detox and find this detox apporach to be effective and safe though I do employ other methods depending on the clients profile.The protocol I use is as folow....


1. To reduce the burden of heavy metals in your body you need to do the following: a. Avoid any further heavy metal exposure:

i. Avoid the consumption of large ocean fish (swordfish, shark, halibut, tuna, Atlantic or farmed salmon) and ANY freshwater fish (trout, catfish, etc.).

ii. Avoid cigarette smoke

b. Use Chlorella to bind to the toxins as they are released.


If it states that you can get through Amrita nutrition you can phone amrita at 01142357845.

i. For a safe Detox, we need to use Chlorella as an effective agent at binding to toxins and expelling them from our body & it can help reduce some of the side effect associated with detox. You are going to go through a lot of chlorellae so get a 1 kg organic tub of chlorella. Synergy Natural do a 1 kg container of chlorella via the natural dispensary.

Gradually increase to 1 gram (1/4 tsp) 4 times/day. You could mix in a liter bottle of water and drink a half hour before the meals. This is the standard maintenance dosage for grown ups for the 6-24 months of active detox. During the active phase of the detox (every 4 weeks for 1 week), whenever cilantro is given (see below), the dose is to be increased to 1 tsp 4 times per day (4 tspns daily for the week while taking the cilantro). Take 30 minutes before the main meals and at bedtime. This way chlorella is exactly in that portion of the small intestine where the bile squirts into the gut at the beginning of the meal, carrying with it toxic metals and other toxic waste. These are bound by the chlorella cell wall and carried out via the digestive tract.

ii. Chelation: For this, we will use Cilantro. This mobilizes the metals out of the cells. Get Herb Pharm Cilantro via Use this For 1 week per month. Add 40 drops in 2 oz. of water or juice and take three times per day 30 minutes after taking the chlorella. During this week take the max dose of chlorella (4 tspns daily)

iii. If you experience adverse GI symptoms (gas, bloating, etc.) during detox you can take 1 capsule of Peppermint Complex. This will help to calm your intestines.

iv. Minerals: Viridian; calcium, magnesium, and zinc. To protect the body as the lead is released from the bones. - 1 lvl tsp twice daily.

V. Multivitamin if indicated during our consultation.


i. Pure Encapsulations Liver GI – 1 caps 2x daily to help the body handle the cleansing.

ii. Pulsin Whey protein powder– 2 tablespoons daily to help Liver function. This can be mixed with dairy-free milk or juice as a “smoothie”. If dairy is an issue then use pea protein.

iii. Lepicol plus – 1 tspns in water or juice (see label instructions) one daily – morning and evening to bind the heavy metal toxins that are being excreted through the bowel, preventing them from all being reabsorbed.

iv. Lipolife Liposomal Vitamin C – 1 tsp daily to alkalinize your urine. This will enhance the normal clearance of heavy metals from your kidneys.


1. Coffee enemas to be completed as close to daily as possible. Minimum 3 weekly.

2. Firzone infrared sauna to be completed as often as possible. See below.

3. Buckets of Fresh homemade veg juice.


Hyperthermic support is a fundamental part of your Program. Detoxification and Blood sugar balancing are two benefits. The benefits of Infrared saunas are well documented. Please research these yourself.

Firzone Portable Infrared Sauna £188

Firzone TourmalinePro With Ceramic Heater £269
The Tourmaline listed above does not require much time to heat up so this is more convenient.

If you can afford the expense Firzone (above) supply the best entry level infrared saunas. There are more sophisticated and natural material saunas available if you are happy to pay out for them.

Heat the sauna up and get in. Sit in this for 45mins to an hour every day if you have a chronic illness. 30 mins Bi-Daily is a good maintenance. You will need to build up to this so use for 20 mins every second day. Gradually increase the time to 1hr on high heat. You want to be absolutely dripping with sweat. Have a warm green tea while you’re in there to really increase your temperature. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids…if you're in there for an hour you will need around 4 pints of water. Have a pint of veg juice with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt when you get out to rehydrate the body.

Wash immediately after using and do not allow the toxins in the sweat to be reabsorbed.

Post-shower tip: is to rub Tisserand frankincense essential oil (4drops) mixed with Tisserand grapeseed essential oil 30 drops and massage into the skin.

Paul Foley Nutritional & functional medicine therapist Dip Nut CNM, mBANT, mCNHC

Phone; 0759 793 6899 Email; Web;

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