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Maximise Your Human Potential...

This is a very special time of year for you and me.

This the moment we sit down before bringing in the new year and we evaluate our lives in the past year and imagine what we would like to achieve in the year to come.

There is nothing that gets our enthuasiasm for life more revved up than the anticipatory excitement of becoming something more than we are at this minute in time.

Call it what you want but it is a Universal human characteristic.

With this said we journey into January which is truly a contemptable month for the human condition.

Nothing makes me rage against the human condition as to watch my brothers and sisters resolutions & life aspirations fall one after another. Before the month is out the battleground of life is littered with souls who have depreciated their values and self-esteem through failure to execute their aspiration and life dreams.

Why do we fail?. We fail because our value system does not reflect our aspirations.

We say that we will arise earlier every day at 6 am and meet the day with Yoga and a good breakfast but our value system says 'I want another hour in bed' so you hit the snooze button.

We say we will lose a weight but our value system makes us think of the lack that the sacrifice brings in our lives and leaves us feeling sorry for ourselves.

We say we will develop professionally and personally but our value system dictates that we watch two hours of television every day.

We cannot succeed with so many Hypocrisies and contradictions. If you want to succeed in life then we have to change our values before we change our behaviours.

My musings today are more philosophic than usual and for good reason.

In 2017 I qualified as a functional medicine practitioner. I though I had healthcare figured out and this would be the model that I would follow to heal thousands of patients.

Why would this be a problem?.

I have found myself in an identity crisis. 5 Years ago I embarked on a naturopathic nutrition course. I was lean and hungry for knowledge. I juiced, fasted & studied like a wolf on full moon. 5 years later that relentless passion is not there.

Why would I knowingly have been blindsided and let life rob from me the juice for which I lived life?.

Along the way I forgot my value system. 5 years ago I valued wisdom so I read philosophy, I valued health so I juiced, I valued spiritual clarity so I fasted, I valued self control so I raged a war on my habits and won. This was a fertile period in my life but I have become fattened and dulled with the proverbial Christmas Hog (metaphor for academic achievement and studying disease when I should be studying health).

Hence we both find ourselves uneasy with our position in life.

The nagging faint cry in the background is our greatness calling us but we are to dull or fearful to meet it.

Alas we must confront the need to change and set in motion the steps to realise our inherent freedom. I call you to wake up and rage against you sleepiness, to shake of the soma wine and stand with a vision of your life unshackled by inhibitions and limitations and set in motion a journey that will halt at nothing less than the standard of you vision.

I wish you a happy 2018 look forward to sharing with you the vision I have set my self for the coming year...

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