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Paul Foley

Dip Nut, mBANT, cFMP

Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Paul is a functional medicine practitioner and registered nutritional therapist. 

Paul is passionate about creating a new integrative healthcare model - 

A wellness model that uses diagnostic tools to look at your specific biochemistry and then implements the most recent and relevant medical literature to create a program that is specifically tailored around your needs, rather than a prescription for your condition.


This comprehensive holistic model looks at Diet and lifestyle, structural alignment, herbals, supplements, movement, mental health and more to breakthrough the stubborn patterns that create poor health.


Melissa Luck

Clinic Manager

Melissa is the clinic manager and is likely to be your first point of contact.

She has a remarkable history as an airline pilot, aircraft mechanic and display pilot, as well as adventure biker.

​​A decline in health forced her to leave her career and, after seeking a resolution to her complex health issued for over 8 years, found Paul, who is continuing to work with Mel to support her recovery from Lyme Disease and co-infections. 

Mel's experience with chronic health issues gives her a strong empathy with clients and a passion to help others.

With aspirations to pursue a career in Nutrition and Integrative medicine, Mel is proving to be integral in our journey to build the countries leading integrative medical centre.


Vanessa Hamilton


Registered Acupuncturist

 In functional medicine, the prevailing objective is to follow an integrative healthcare model that guides you to incredible health. The road back to great health takes time and often great skill on the part of the practitioner. Yet no discipline has all of the solutions so often part of the healing journey is using specialised practitioners where necessary. It has been my great pleasure and extreme fortune to align myself with the best practitioners in Hereford at what they do. 


Sarah Spencer Chapman DO FRSC

Registered Osteopath

Sarah is a phenomenally talented & experienced Osteopath with 30 years practice in Health Care.

She has moulded her skills from working in different practices around the world including Harley Street, Ischia (Italy), Kenya and the Cotswolds.

Sarah has lectured at Oxford Brookes and Swansea University. With her educational approach, she aims to equip patients with the knowledge that enables them to understand how their body works and manage any health-related issues.

Her educational background and extensive clinical experience has led Sarah to set up a multi-disciplinary integrative approach to healthcare. To see more about Sarah and the work she does, click below.

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Nutrition Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner
Address :
Holland House, 70 Belmont Rd,
United Kingdom.
Tel : 07597936899
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