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Without question, the most important thing I look for in consultation is the presence of mercury. If it is in the body it can cause an endless number of health issues and no amount of clean eating is going to fully remove it. You can only do so through a really controlled metal detox. It is testament to how prevalent toxic metals like mercury and lead are that I currently have three clients in clinic undertaking a heavy metal detox.

The main sources to watch for are Fish which have high heavy mercury levels, dental amalgams for those of us fortunate to have a mouthful of them (yeah 80’s dentistry) and vaccines!. At the time of writing this the UK no longer use thimerosal (mercury)containing vaccines though it was commonplace not so long ago.

There is currently a shift in the health sector to phase out the use of mercury fillings as they are toxic to the environment. Thank heavens as I am really concerned about how my mercury fillings will affect the environment when I am gone. Come to think of it I’m a little concerned as to what it might be doing to my body and brain while I’m alive!.

It’s going to take a few blogs to fully cover mercury and ultimately tell you what to do about it. I will show you how I test for mercury toxicity, how to detox it and the dental practice that I use for the safe removal of dental amalgams. First though let’s establish that mercury is really bad news when in excess in the human body.

Let’s take a walk into history and see what effect mercury has had on history.

  • In the Spanish conquered new world in the 16th and 17th C, mercury mining was a task assigned to the slaves. So toxic were the effects of working in the mine that parents would dismember their children would not have to work in the mine and avoid mercury poisoning (1).

  • Dementia or ‘mad hatter’s disease’ was a phenomena common with hatters. This was a result of the use of mercury in the felt hats that they used to make (2).

  • Abraham consume ‘blue Mass pills’. It is hypothecated that the high mercury in these blue mass pills were significant contributors to Lincoln’s well document poor mental health. His melancholic state was summed up by the poem ‘The Suicide's Soliloquy’ which he wrote before ever becoming president.

Both Ivan the terrible and Henry the 8th were both treated with mercury containing ointments.

  • Two British ship commandeered a larger mercury shipment from a Spanish ship. On the voyage home, the container burst and the shipment were struck down with ‘’tremor, paralysis, and excessive salivation as well as tooth loss, skin problems, and pulmonary complaints’’ (3).

  • The condition contracted by the inhalation of mercury by factory workers working in a seed packing factory in Norwich became known as ‘hunter-Russel’ Syndrome. The mercury came from a preservative (therefore they used mercury in vaccines!) that was used on the grains (4).

  • Minamata Disease was the results of chronic mercury poisoning to the inhabitants in Minamata in Japan. Adults expressed multiple symptoms but the children born to these adults had severe disabilities (5).

  • The grain disaster in Basra, Iraq again resulted from methylmercury in the fungicides used. There were over 6530 cases of mercury toxicity and of these 459-people died.

  • Dartmouth professor Karen Wetterhahn spilled methyl-mercury on her latex glove. Despite the glove protection the vapours were enough to cause brain malfunction and ultimately killed her.

  • Actor Jeremy Piven ate Sushi daily for 20 years. He was diagnosed with mercury poisoning and ultimately died for the toxicity. (6).

Paul Foley

Nutritional Therapist


Ross Hereford Abergavenny Clinics

Phone; 0759 793 6899



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