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After years of research, thinking, sorting, trying and trying again we have learned many things in the clinic about health and how to best manage it. The way we work together and the order in which we work is crucial so that you receive the best results. That is why we have designed the following packages that allow us time to research and identify what is undermining your health and allow you enough time to heal after we start the treatments you will need.


It takes time to gather clinical data, review medical health records, run tests and interpret them and this work takes up the bulk of our first consultation together. We then design for you key nutritional and lifestyle strategies that are personalized to the information we gather and the goals that you want to achieve.




  • Initial consultation – 1.5- 2 hours (face to face or on skype). 

  • 3-6 months of follow up consultations – either face to face or via skype/telephone – 45 mins

  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle, and stress

  • Root cause evaluation. An in-depth specialist analysis about what could be driving your health concerns.

  • Environmental medicine assessment

  • An accelerated healing roadmap designed specifically for you

  • Lab testing recommendations

  • Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plans which evolve over the course of the programme

  • Current medication and nutrient interactions evaluated if applicable

  • Recommendations for clinical tests and interpretation. 

  • Letter to Gp if required.

  • Email  Support.




Single Initial Consultation: 2 Hrs

Gold Program: 3 Months

Platinum Program: 6 months




For some people, the initial 12 weeks will be all that is required. Objectives and goals can be reached during this time frame. If there is still work to do and most of the research and lab work is completed then we will set up a follow-up support consultation process where we meet every 6 weeks for 3-6 months.






This is a stand-alone consultation where we meet for 1.5-2 hours and establish what your goals are. We go over every aspect of your health and create a roadmap to wellness specific to your goals. 


This is the consultation where we will discuss how a treatment would look like for you. We will discuss what strategies we need to integrate to nurture you back to great health.



What is included


  • 6 Months of ongoing support with consultations every 2 weeks

  • Additional research that is typically required for complex conditions


Who is this for?


This is designed for complex health complaints.

Integrated into this package is time spent away from our consultations researching & liaising with other health professionals if required. It takes time and great skill to get to the bottom of complex health issues and this is why we have created this package. It facilitates the opportunity to spend time researching your case and developing your wellness roadmap while supporting you every step of the way.


It works well for people with unexplained or significant health issues. Single or multiple autoimmune issues, Chronic fatigue syndrome, systemic pain, debilitating neurological problems and Lyme disease. Anyone on multiple medications. Clinical mental health issues like schizophrenia, bipolar or debilitating anxiety. Multiple overlapping health conditions like thyroid issues, diabetes & psoriasis.


This package provides you with 

  • The core package of services listed above

  • 3 months of support held every 2 weeks


This is ideally suited for cases that require less behind the scenes research and clinical lab work. It is suitable where the health issues require less intensive treatments and long-term practitioner involvement. We will discuss the suitability of this package for you at the initial consultation.


It works well for those who suffer from Headaches and or migraines, polycystic ovary syndrome, PMS, skin issues (acne eczema & psoriasis), asthma, IBS, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constant tiredness, joint pain, depression, anxiety, mind function (poor memory, concentration & brain fog).

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