July 23, 2017

Historically there have been multiple incidences where mercury has had a profoundly negative effect on anyone exposed to it. This however does not mean the mercury in the teeth would have the same effect.

Every health authority recognises the toxicity of mercury. Howeve...

July 8, 2017

Without question, the most important thing I look for in consultation is the presence of mercury. If it is in the body it can cause an endless number of health issues and no amount of clean eating is going to fully remove it. You can only do so through a really control...

July 1, 2017


So much has been made about Gluten in the media over the last few years. The conventional understanding is that If you don’t have Coeliac than you can’t have a problem with gluten. If you present to the GP with a Gluten free philosophy on t...

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